Lab Director

K. Lira Yoon, Ph.D.


Lira Yoon is an Associate Professor in the Clinical Psychology Program at Notre Dame. She received her doctoral degree from Northwestern University. Her main areas of interest include the interaction of cognition and emotion in the context of psychological disorders and research on the comorbidity between major depressive disorder (MDD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). Her current research program integrates biological and psychological lines of inquiry to gain a better understanding of the role that cognitive processes and stress reactivity play in the onset and maintenance of MDD and SAD.

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Post-Doctoral Associate

Malek Mneimne

Mneimne Arp 2015

Malek Mneimne is a postdoctoral research associate in the CEED lab at the University of Notre Dame. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from St. John's University in 2013 and completed a NIMH-supported postdoctoral fellowship at Wake Forest University in 2016. Broadly, his research interests concern inter-individual differences in intra-individual variability in emotion, cognition, and psychopathology. More specifically, his research seeks to answer the following questions: 1) How do symptoms of psychopathology covary within individuals from moment-to-moment? 2) How do moment-to-moment changes in a person's stressors, stressor-related appraisals, psychophysiology, and basic cognitive process covary with moment-to-moment changes in their symptoms of psychopathology? 3) To what extent do these within-person, moment-to-moment contingencies vary between people as a function of their abnormal personality traits?

Graduate Students



Jude Ash

Jude Ash is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology and Peace Studies joint program at Notre Dame, where he holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Syria and na MA in Peace Studies from Notre Dame. He hopes to marry the insights gained from his unique background and experience with his passion for psychology to generate research questions with potential for informing practices in both the fields of clinical psychology and peace studies. More specifically, he is interested in the study of human emotion and emotion management, and the impact of emotion management strategies on subsequent cognitions and behaviors.

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Dahyeon Kim

Dahyeon Kim is a fourth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Notre Dame. She graduated from Rice University with a dual degree in cognitive science and psychology. She is interested in studying abnormal cognitive processing in depression. Specifically, she is interested in autobiographical memory biases, as well as underlying imagery and working memory deficits in depression.

Jovian Lam

Jovian Lam

Jovian Lam is a second-year student in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Notre Dame. She graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a double major in Psychology and Human Development. She is interested in the effects of stress and cognition in anxiety and depression. Additionally, she is also interested in understanding the relationship between physiological stress reactivity and self regulation.

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Alainna Wen

Alainna Wen is a third-year student in the Clinical Psychology program at Notre Dame. She graduated from McGill University with a degree in Microbiology and Immunology as well as the University of Calgary with a degree in Psychology. Alainna is interested in studying cognitive biases in depression, and the interaction between cognitive and biological vulnerabilities in the etiology of depression. She is also interested in cognitive biases unique to or shared between depression and other disorders, such as anxiety. Her current work focuses on cognitive flexibility in depression and anxiety. 

Project Manager

Victoria Shaffer


Tori Shaffer is the post-baccalaureate project manager for the CEED Lab. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and received her bachelor's degree from the Pennsylvania State University in December 2017. Tori graduated from Penn State's Schreyer Honors College with a major in Psychology and minor in Human Development & Family Studies. Tori hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, specifically studying health anxiety, anxiety sensitivity/body hypervigilance, and exercise therapy in anxiety disorders. Her other interests include working out, hiking, traveling, cooking, attending concerts, and playing the guitar and piano.

Undergraduate Students



Anna Benedict

Anna Benedict is a sophomore from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, double-majoring in Neuroscience & Behavior and English, and is a Trustey Family Scholar in the Glynn Family Honors Program. She is on the staff of the Juggler Literary Magazine and serves as VP of Mustard Creative Writing Club, and studied abroad in Ireland through the Creative Writing Program in summer 2018. Anna is also on the ND Sailing Team and is Academic Commissioner for Howard Hall. She is particularly interested in diagnostics and treatments of mental illness, and plans to go to either medical school or graduate school in neuroscience/neurology.


James Dickson

James is a senior Psychology and Pre-Health major from Naperville, Illinois.Besides psychological research, he loves listening to music and watching movies. At Notre Dame, James plays guitar, co-hosts a WVFI radio show, and volunteers at Portage Manor through Psychology Club. He hopes to enter medical school after graduation, possibly to become a neuropsychiatrist.

Jennifer Duma

Jennifer Duma

Jenny is a junior Neuroscience major from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program and plans to go to medical school after graduation. Outside of the lab, she is a member of Notre Dame's Tennis team and is a counselor for camp Kesem. She loves her cats, playing the piano, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

Alice Kwak

Alice Kwak

Alice is a junior from Granger, Indiana studying Neuroscience and Behavior with a minor in International Development Studies. She works on campus as an ASSA (Academic Services for Student Athletes) tutor, serves on a Timmy Global Health executive board, and volunteers her time at La Casa de Amistad, a local institution that serves the local immigrant community. She loves the strange (like pimple popping and surgery videos) as well as the classics (basketball, Sinatra, quality time with loved ones). After graduation, she intends on spending a year or two working before applying to medical school.

Emily Luong

Emily Luong

Emily is a junior from Brooklyn, New York, majoring in Psychology. She is particularly interested in studying emotional disorders. Outside of the lab, she is the Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association and enjoys editing videos for her club. She also loves A cappella music and Broadway musicals. After graduating, she wishes to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and become a psychologist.

David May

David May

David is a senior from Long Island, New York, studying Psychology. He is particularly interested in treatment research with respect to cognitive-behavioral models of anxiety and depressive disorders. Outside of the lab, he is a member of Notre Dame's Concert Band and Percussion Ensemble, as well as the Executive Vice President of Notre Dame's chapter of Active Minds. After graduation, he is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in order to cater to his interests in careers in both academia and clinical practice.


Meghan McClain

Meghan is a senior from Springfield, Illinois, with a major in Neuroscience and Behavior. In addition to research, she enjoys being involved with Love Your Melon and a service club on campus called Circle K. She enjoys running, reading, and spending time with friends and family. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in science.


Vaishali Nayak

Vaishali is a senior from New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and minoring in International Development Studies. She is a member of Notre Dame Posse Scholars. Outside of the lab, she is actively involved with Diversity Council and contributes to Scientia, an undergraduate journal of scientific research, as a junior news editor. She loves all things jazz. 


Ale Robelo

Ale is a senior Management Consulting major from Key Biscayne, Florida. Her family is originally from Nicaragua, so she fluent in Spanish and is a dual-citizen. At Notre Dame, Ale volunteers as a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Joseph County and is President of Undergraduate Women in Business. After graduation, she plans to work in business for a year before pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to focus on the treatment of emotional disorders and open her own practice.


Marie St. Pierre

Marie is a junior Biochemistry major with a minor in Philosophy, Science, and mathematics from Long Island, New York. Outside of these subjects, Marie loves studying the brain and neuroscience behind social interactions. After her four years at Notre Dame, Marie hopes to attend medical school to become a physician. Outside of the classroom, Marie enjoys volunteering with children, listening to Taylor Swift, and spending time outdoors.

Emily U

Emily Unebasami

Emily is a sophomore from Aiea, Hawaii, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. Outside of the lab, she is a trumpet player in the Fighting Irish Marching Band, as well as the president of the Hawaii Club at Notre Dame. After graduation, she is interested in attending medical school.


Maria Vetter

Maria is a senior from Cincinnati, Ohio, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. Outside the lab, she enjoys being involved with Notre Dame Film Society, NDignite, and Baraka Bouts. She hopes to pursue a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology next year.


Abbey Zielinski

Abbey is a junior from South Bend, Indiana, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education at Holy Cross College. When not in the CEED lab, she tutors young students in math and reading. She is also the Secretary of her college's Psi Chi club. She is interested in studying emotional disorders and looks forward to attending graduate school following her completion at Holy Cross.

Lab Alumni

-Desirae Boldt (UMaine Ph.D) - Post-doctoral fellow @ New Orleans-Southwest Louisiana Veterans Health Care System

-Amanda Kutz (UMaine Ph.D) - Post-doctoral fellow @ White River Junction VA Medical Center

-Sam Dashineau (ND lab manager) - Master's student, Psychology @ Villanova University

-Kayla Matthews (ND undergrad RA) - Ph.D student, Physical Therapy @ Northwestern University

-Megan Parisi (ND undergrad RA) - Research Associate @ Healthcare Intelligence Firm

-Natalie Pottschmidt (ND undergrad RA) - Clinical Research Assistant @ University of Iowa

-Clare Burns (ND undergrad RA) - Master's student, Master of Science in Management @ University of Notre Dame

-Alina Nguyen (ND undergrad RA) - Ph.D. student, Integrative Biology @ UC Berkeley

-Connor Williams (ND undergrad RA) - Research Assistant @ The US Department of Health and Human Services

-Mairéad Willis (ND undergrad RA) - Master's student, Creative Writing in Ireland

-Katrina Orteza (ND undergrad RA) - Medical School in the Philippines

-Lan Luo (ND undergrad RA)

-Abby Ferguson (ND undergrad RA)

-Erin Vaughan (ND undergrad RA)