ADAA Conference Presentations

Author: Victoria Shaffer

Adaa Presentation

This past weekend, four members of the CEED Lab presented their research findings at the Anxiety and Depression 2019 Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Pictured are Dahyeon Kim, Alainna Wen, Tori Shaffer, and Jovian Lam. The following are the titles of the posters they presented:

Dahyeon: Generation Latency and Valence of Mental Imagery in Depressed Mood

Alainna: Depression and Affective Flexibility following Stress

Tori: Daytime Patterns in Momentary Assessment Ratings of Anxiousness in College Students

Jovian: Comparing the Efficacy of a Single-Session Virtual Reality Treatment for Acrophobia to a Gold Standard Treatment and No Treatment and Anxiety and Difficulty Considering Multiple Decision Rule

In addition to the above posters, Dahyeon also presented Blunted Emotional Autobiographical Memory in Depression: Evidence for Emotion Context Insensitivity at ICPS (International Convention of Psychological Science) in Paris a few weeks prior to this conference.

Congratulations to everyone on excellent presentations!